4 Reasons Why Tech Startups Opt for VPS Server Hosting

As a tech startup, your website will have specific requirements from the web hosting service. While uptime, speed, and performance of the site are a must, a new tech business website requires administrative control to be able to create a customised hosting experience, administrative control, and top-notch security. There is a range of web hosting services available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about tech start-ups and look at the reasons why most of them prefer VPS Hosting in India.

In VPS Server Hosting, a website resides on a virtual server that has dedicated resources, account isolation, and full root access. The architecture of a VPS Server offers a range of benefits that make it perfect for a tech website as listed below:

1.Top-notch performance

One of the biggest benefits of a VPS Hosting Server is that it functions as an independent server despite sharing the physical webserver with other virtual environments. It also runs the OS as a copy. This allows a virtual server to offer full root access or admin control, and flexibility to run various applications. For a tech start-up, this can be a huge benefit since it does not restrict the tech website and allows the site owner to customise the hosting environment based on the requirements of the site and business.


While site security is important for all businesses, for a tech start-up, it is more critical since users expect tech companies to be highly secure. Tech start-ups can suffer huge damage if there are frequent security issues on the site. VPS Hosting offers high levels of security despite the server being shared between multiple users. Account isolation boosts the security of the website, and full root access allows you to install third-party security tools and make configuration changes to keep your site secure.


Tech start-ups need customisable servers to meet their unique and growing needs. With dedicated resources and full root access, you can customise the hosting environment as per your needs. This offers a lot of flexibility to tech start-ups and allows them to create a brand image of an innovative tech brand and create a mark in the market.


While VPS Hosting services are costlier than Shared Hosting services, they offer some amazing features suited to the requirements of tech websites. On the other hand, while a Dedicated Server offers the best hosting environment for a tech website, the cost is much higher compared to a VPS Server. Also, a VPS Hosting Server offers a hosting environment similar to a Dedicated Server. Hence, it is a cost-efficient option for tech start-ups.

Summing Up

If you are launching a tech start-up, then remember that online users will perceive your brand based on the performance of your site. While a VPS Server in India is ideal for most tech sites, it is recommended to assess your site’s hosting requirements and buy a VPS Hosting plan that is best suited to your site. Good Luck!