Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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5 Things You Need To Start An Online Shop In Germany


Germany is lovely when it comes to business. If you plan to go to Germany for business, then you have made the right choice. You should read reviews from to get yourself familiar with some online businesses. Germany is one of the biggest markets in Europe, with over 80 million people and more than 47 million online shoppers. Problems like complex language and the famous German bureaucracy, however, can be challenging. Fortunately, Germany is very open to investors and helpful.

1.You need Paperwork

Germans love Paperwork and documenting everything about the business very well. Several steps and registrations in specific government institutions are therefore necessary to start any business in Germany. The official German channels recommend that you first contact the Chamber of Industry and Trade (Industrie- und Handelskammer). When you get these people, they will guide you in registering your business, documents that you will need, and the necessary steps you need to follow.

2.You need a structure for your business.

The next common thing you to know is to select the structure of your business, in terms of the size and responsibility of its members, to open a bank account in the country and register for a tax office. You read about Cafago to know more about the different business structures you can set for your business. Registration is also most likely to occur at the Trade Office.

These are guidelines for every business in Germany. In addition, special kinds of Visa are needed, depending on the type of business, occupation, and if you want to live in Germany. In this case, too, you should contact the Foreign Office.

There is plenty of information available for foreign investors on the official websites. It is also helpful to obtain specialist support to understand all the documents required for the entire process. However, there are particular instructions for an online business that you have to be careful about.

Other things you need to complete your online business are.

Though there is no particular German law for online business. The legal document applicable is the European Union E-Commerce Directive. However, certain interesting aspects need to be addressed if you are an immigrant or are travelling to Germany to start such activities in Germany.

3.Physical location

A physical location in Germany is recommended for foreigners. Although a de. the Domain is not obligatory, it is still an important step to gain the confidence of German clients if a German address is to be provided. Furthermore, because it is the usual practice to return purchased online products, it is essential to make a physical location available within the country.


Your website will be translated into German as an additional recommendation. English in the European country is well known and spoken, but the official language is German. And again, it is better and more productive to gain the confidence of German customers to have a website in their language.

5.Payment mode

Concerning payments, as opposed to Americans who often use credit cards, Germans don’t use any credit cards as a payment method. Online payment methods, like PayPal, are not even the most commonly used by Germans. An open invoice is still the most common method of payment. Customers want to receive their products, see if they like (if not, they return them, as mentioned) and then pay for them.

It is also essential to offer customers different payment possibilities, such as the use of credit cards, direct debit (SEPA-VERY standard and widely used throughout the EU, making shopping for customers from other countries easier in online shops in other countries as well), electronic payments as PayPal and the open invoice system for a successful business running in Germany.