Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
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Free Product Samples and User Reviews on Mobile Apps Beneficial for Business

Businesses when entering into the market, faces massive competition as other companies will be offering similar products and services. In order to survive in this cut throat competitive environment companies look for and target opportunities and gaps in the market. They try to offer more in the same price. One of the ways to engage and bring new potential customers is to give free product samples. This is how we can increase brand exposer, as potential customer gets the taste of what the product is all about. Customers after using those free samples will feel comfortable about their purchase. Businesses will have upper hand by distributing samples in this competitive market.

There needs to be a proper way to identify potential customers. This is where social media and other analytic tools play their role. First step would be classifying the characteristics of your product and then short-listing your consumers, which is our TARGET MARKET.


Distribution of product samples into the marketing plan is definitely cost-effective because it saves money and mistakes are sorted during the promotional phase prior to product launch. Another advantage is the sample size is small and you can target larger demographic market and saves a fraction of cost. For already existing products, this type of marketing attracts more customers and increases brand awareness. As product sample distribution is a cost effective way, still there needs to be a budget and plan in place. Proper quality control and research department are required which will use data from the app. Mobile app development Dubai will create an app that will record the needed data and will help companies analyze the end result.

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User Reviews

By distributing product samples, companies encourage consumer feedback regarding the product. When consumers try a new product, certain mental noted or connotations are attached to it in their minds, either they like the product or not. Comparisons with other competitive products are also made. This is how you learn more about your target audience and serves as an opportunity. Towards the end of your research, you try to give customers more than their expectation so you get competitive edge. Mobile app development Dubai is a platform, which will provide companies with apps, which will serve as a tool to measure and record these user reviews, which will be analyzed later. These apps will eliminate human and errors. The results will be fair and beneficial for companies. The impact of user reviews can also be studied through these apps. The importance of user reviews is such that it can make or break the brand. Customers before buying consult reviews to influence their purchase. Now days it has become easier with these reviews being available online.

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