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Ottawa Web Design Trends to look for in the year 2020

Each year brings with it new web design trends for designers and website owners. 2020 has also brought in new technological trends for Ottawa web design to reinvent and reimagine the previous styles. At the same time, some styles will never fade out. Some popular web design trends will continue to dominate the Ottawa web design industry.

Let’s look at the newest Ottawa web design trends for this year:

1.      Dark mode

You may have come across dark mode web designs, as they are attractive and eye-catching. Being easy on the eyes, such websites deliver a great user experience and are becoming trendier. Dark backgrounds can be used to improve the visibility of website designs. You can also combine dark modes with a tint of neon colors to make your website look bright and dazzling.

2.      Use of 3D technology

3D visuals for website designs have been trending for the last few years. Using 3D technology for web designing in Ottawa helps to improve the UX and makes the users stay longer on your website. Industry experts expect 3D web design to trend in Ottawa in 2020.

3.      Minimalistic navigation

With the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, web design thinking gets smaller. It is important to build a compact website with minimal navigation, so that the users can land on the desired page with a minimum number of clicks. You should think of balancing images with text to impress the users.

4.      Bold fonts

If you visit industry-leading websites, you may come across bold fonts for the headlines instead of images. Huge and bold fonts aren’t a new trend in web design, or even in Ottawa, but they are likely to prevail in 2020 and the coming years. Heavy, bold fonts create a huge impact on the visitors’ minds and delivers the right message.

5.      Personalization

Personalization is the key to grab more sales online. Using AI and machine learning, you can personalize content for the users, and they are likely to buy products or services from you. When you hire Ottawa web design company, make sure that they can help you get a website design solution that can personalize content for the visitors based on their past buying choices and preferences.

Wrap Up

2020 will witness technological as well as visual advancements for web designs. Choose the best Ottawa web design company to help you get an amazing website design that helps you achieve your business goals with minimum investment.