Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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SAST vs. IAST: Choose the Extensive Solutions

Needless to say, in a few years, software engineers have seen a rapid revolution. The way developers do business has remarkably changed into a new landscape. In these cases, the primary objectives of the software organizations are to provide a seamless experience to the clients. For this, they have to assure the topmost security of the software. There are some potential automated solutions, like sast, dast, iast, that lead to better user interfaces. But if you are confused about which is suitable for you, you will find the best answer here.


One of the most mature security tests is white-box testing. It is associated with the sast scan. It thoroughly checked the internal vulnerabilities. So, it analyses the source codes. But there are pros and cons of SAST technology. This helps to make the most convenient decision for the developers. Let’s explore some biggest benefits of SAST.

  • SAST testing is pretty useful irrespective of the number of codes. Developers can test a large codebase using advanced testing methods in this process. The entire process takes just a minute. So, sast testing is useful for fast results with accuracy.
  • The second advantages are affordability. This testing identifies the vulnerabilities ta the early stages of the SDLC. So, fixing our glitches is affordable here.
  • The sast testing can be integrated at any point in the software development cycle.

SASR cons

There are some cons as well.

  • The sast tool fails to detect the majority of access control defects. It fails to recognize the logical vulnerabilities.
  • The end result is associated with the number of false negatives and false positives. So, expert test knowledge is essential to validate the results.

IAST Pros & cons

As you know, the pros and cons of SAST, focus on interactive application security testing (IAST). It is another automated testing act like an agent approach. Look at the positives of iast.

  • It also pays attention to detailed data code analysis.
  • It can be integrated into CI and CD with ease.
  • But installation is difficult due to the requirements of sensors and agents.

Now, you know the pros and cons of the booth. The final decision will be yours to get better resolutions.