Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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Top X WordPress Plugins 2022

Having your own website today is no longer a luxury but a necessity – whether you are a business or a private entity. We all live in an online world, and it is standard that each of us has this one corner of the Internet where we can present our ideas, thoughts, and abilities. This is especially important for companies and crafts because, without an online presence, these entities are simply not competitive in the market.

If you have been researching the Internet in hopes of finding the ideal system to run a website – you have probably come across WordPress. This CMS has been the most popular system for years and is used by millions of people and companies. According to some statistics, 20 percent of all websites in the world are powered by the WordPress system. New research indicates that WordPress is getting closer to a 30 percent share.

However, the WordPress system did not gain popularity by chance. This free CMS incorporates knowledge and effort, and many quality developers are behind the system. Thanks to its popularity, WordPress has a broad community that can help you get stuck. WordPress has many plugins that allow extensive web operation and has a developed security system that makes your website totally secure.

WP Maintenance


You must have heard of this plugin. However, if you have not, it is time to get acquainted with the perfect maintenance plugin. WP Maintenance stood out from the competition in a short time, which can be confirmed by user reviews and experiences. Initially, developers built it intending to make it easier for inexperienced people to manage websites. However, it is available to everyone. Some just do not want to waste time messing with the code, and some do not know how to code. Then why would WP Maintenance not be available to everyone?

WP Reset


In those periods when you want to completely delete the data of your WordPress site, there is WP Reset. One-click is enough to return to the default installation values. It has a screenshot function with which you can restore data. WP Reset offers several options for resetting data. One of them is nuclear reset. Yes, you read that right. Use this option only when you do not want to revert to previous data. However, before each data reset, it would be a good idea to save significant data somewhere. Purely if you might need it in the future.



Assuredly you once had the opportunity to see the stunning Coming Soon page. And you probably came back when the actual website was totally done. This is roughly the basic function of the UnderConstructionPage plugin. But that is not the only function. With the Soon page, you can attract a large number of visitors. It is essential to include imagination and creativity to make the Soon page look stunning. You can set a timer to let visitors know when they can come back to see the website. Soon pages are used to attract visitors before a brand or website is launched. UnderConstructionPage is easy and quick to use but requires a little creativity. You can set a logo, slogan, your own theme, etc. This plugin is free, and developers update it every two weeks.

Final Words

To choose the perfect plugin, customize the characteristics of the plugin to your needs. We are sure that each of them is doing a good job, and this can be confirmed by the numbers and reviews of satisfied users. That is why the popularity of plugins is growing, and the service is becoming better. The plugins listed in this article have lived up to all expectations.